New Stream Generation

Specialist commercial, operational and technical asset manager for "peaking" and distributed generation assets.

We have been involved in the National Grid Capacity Market since 2014 and STOR since 2010 and as a result offer detailed insight and technical level support to the distributed energy market.

In National Grid Frequency Markets (FFR) we have participated in secondary static markets since Q1 2015 where we have won awards on a spot and forward basis.

New Stream have also been successful in winning awards for clients in the DFR space. We were also involved in the 2016 EFR tender round.

Image credit: EEL Power
  • New Stream have experience in supporting and managing:

  • Gas Peakers and Gas Grid Support
  • LNG Gas Generation
  • CHP Generation
  • Diesel Peakers / Grid Support and Diesel Back-up Generation
  • Battery Storage
  • Hybrid Projects and Shared Connections

New Stream established a 24 hour operational control room in 2016

Via our control room we provide commercial, trading and operational asset management.

Commercial and Trading

  • Asset Optimisation

  • Market Analytics

  • Trading Strategy for Power and Gas

  • Benchmarking


  • Asset dispatch and forward scheduling

  • Performance Reporting

  • Management of site via New Stream control software

  • Alarms and testing

  • Remote site Monitoring

  • Cyber-security

  • Interface with maintanance providers (inclusing New Stream “in house”)

New Stream Generation also provides expert technical support and generational controls

Our team remotely monitor every unit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using our bespoke tailored platform.

We have team dedicated to the installation, testing and monitoring of complex systems for critical diesel and gas engine applications.

Monitoring output and performance and ensuring a swift response to operational issues is key to the instant availability of power.

One of the primary functions of the control monitoring systems built and installed by New Stream is to provide accurate and timely information back to the control room so that managed assets can be both despatched and monitored remotely, this provides our team with full diagnostic reporting systems with second by second live data. Faults can be identified and immediately diagnosed, and often repaired, remotely.