Capacity Market (CM) Participation

  • New Stream provide support and advice to clients wishing to enter the UK’s Capacity Market.
  • New Stream have been involved in the Capacity Market since 2014.

CM 2018

The Capacity Market Prequalification window is now open. New build generators can apply for a 15-year contract in the T-4 auction whilst existing generators or those able to reduce demand can apply for a one year contract in the T-1 auction and/or the T-4 auction.

If you are looking to be involved with this years auction and need support through the process please contact Paul Sanders on 01962 80 70 60 or email

46.3GW of de-rated capacity will be purchased in the four-year-ahead (T-4) auction for delivery starting in 2022/23 and 4.6GW in the one-year-ahead (T-1) auction for delivery in 2019/20.

Key dates :

  • 16th November – Deadline for lodging Credit Cover.
  • 27th December – Deadline for submitting planning consent for T-1.
  • 4th January – Deadline for submitting planning consent for T-4.
  • 29th January – T-1 Auction.
  • 5th February – T-4 Auction.