Control Systems

Image credit: Clarke Energy

Technical Generation Controls – Software and Hardware

Our experience in controls for distributed generation spans over four decades.

  • Stuart Turner currently leads a the team currently of 6 controls engineers with extensive experience of all generator controls and applications covering:
  • Complete command and control system that will allow us to start and stop the site remotely and securely
  • Schedule gas and gas controls monitor
  • Full data centre backed up communications system
  • Cyber security and threat detection
  • Monitor for all warnings and shutdown alarms, O&M performance reporting
  • Control and status monitoring of each generator (mode of control etc.)
  • Establish protocol for critical alarms from the HV equipment (G59 trip etc.)
  • Monitors on voltage, site current and export
  • Dashboard monitoring of the complete system
  • Interface and reporting suite for DNO / National Grid / Elexon

Stuart Turner:

Stuart is our technical director, specialising in command and control of generational assets. He is responsible for all New Stream operational control software, monitoring, reporting and cyber security both onsite and at our 24/7 control room. Stuart started his career as a Electrical Engineer in the British Army setting up a dedicated power systems division. He then went on to spend the next 8 years in the power generation industry as a commissioning and controls engineer successfully commissioning in excess of 800MW of power plants both national and internationally. He has worked for a large distributed energy provider across gas, diesel and battery technologies.

New Stream have experience on working across various PLC’s from generator controllers such as Comap, DSE, DEif , Mitsibishi and Siemens.

We have recently completed gas/hybrid applications for the DFFR market integrating our own New Stream dashboard system as the controls for the project.

Cyber Security for Operational Technology

The business of cyber security has changed dramatically in the past few years, presenting a significant challenge to management teams across distributed power generation. A report conducted by the Cybersecurity Research Group found that 67% of companies with critical infrastructure experienced at least one cyber-attack in the last year and 78% expected their ICS and SCADA systems to be exploited in the next two years.

The Challenge:

  • Complex and sophisticated threat landscape
  • Key target industry for advanced cyber attackers
  • Insider threat
  • Too much reactive, not enough proactive measures

New Stream installs and provides ongoing support for some of the most advanced cyber defense technology available today. This protects our power generation clients against the most insidious attacks that jeopardize critical infrastructure systems, whether those threats come from the inside or outside of its organization.

New Stream are able to implement an ‘immune system’ approach, to respond to fresh threats that had not been previously identified by other security tools.

WAN bonding of different WAN technologies and WAN providers means that every single IP packet is split up and transmitted via different providers, making it impossible to compromise your data connection. In addition, our modems use highest security standards for encryption.

Specifically, this means that we protect your connections not only with carefully audited encryption methods but also with solid development and engineering.