Market Analytics

Market Insight and Intelligence

“New Stream support us in the market as we carry out strategic and forward-looking planning, they have helped us in identifying expected developments in the market and highlighted risks and opportunities.” – From New Stream Gas Peaking client

New Stream Market Analysis Services

  • Insight and prognosis on relevant markets for peaking plant and storage assets, including:
  • Merchant trading
  • Balancing Mechanism
  • Capacity Market
  • National Grid Ancillary Services
  • Embedded benefits
  • Scenario analysis on different go-to-market strategies, informed by your risk appetite and project funding requirements
  • Market intelligence on industry activity, current trends and successful go-to-market approaches
  • Market intelligence on new markets and regulatory changes, including what they mean to you


We can provide bespoke characterisations and analysis of all energy and ancillary markets to support your strategic investment decisions

We can model stacked income streams for your assets to help you understand their value, and identify commercial risks and opportunities