New Stream Enhanced Revenue FIT PPA

With the new Enhanced Revenue FIT (Feed in Tariff) PPA, New Stream Renewables put you in the driving seat to choose the best route to market.

In other words, maximising asset value for renewable generators is our key objective and having choices makes all the difference.

Talk to Charles Ward to find out how New Stream can help you get the best from your assets.Features of the Enhanced Revenue FIT PPA

Improved cash-flows

Monthly payment in arrears of export volumes priced against System Sell Price Quarterly reconciliation of monthly export payments against Export Tariff

100% pass through of prevailing Export Tariff rate less monthly payments already made

Enhanced £/REGO paid after receipt of REGOs

Monthly payment in arrears of FiT Generationf the PPA team on 01962 807 060


Please contact Charles Ward on 01962 807 060 for more information on this option 

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