Energy Procurement

Work in partnership with our energy buying team to reduce your energy costs in volatile markets.

We are dedicated to offering clients the highest level of service and discretion backed up by real-in-depth knowledge of market fundamentals based on trading experience in International Power and Gas markets.

New Stream offers a range of fixed and flexible energy contracts. We will undertake a strategic review of your energy requirements and work with you to determine the best solution.

New Stream Energy Procurement Solutions

Fixed Floating Capped Green
Fixed price certainty to enable you to manage risk and cash flows. Stay in control of the price you are paying for energy through indexation and forward trading. “Track” the market with the security of a cap on the maximum price you would pay. New Stream can offer a green option on all of these structures.
Protection from volatile energy markets and price spikes. Utilise New Stream market knowledge and analysis to actively manage your procurement strategy. Benefit from a falling market with the safety of a maximum cost if the market rises. Under New Stream’s Green Option all electricity comes from certified renewable resources.
Benchmark the fixed price to the market and work with New Steam on timing the “fix”. Access market pricing and analytical support.

Customised Energy Solutions

If you are a large energy user you can work with us on trading and procurement strategies tailored to your needs.

These services would include:

  • Market Access via our trading desk
  • Flexible structures
  • Fixed wire PPAs
  • “Power Sleeves”
  • “Spill” arrangements

For further information please contact Jamie Banks.

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