Market Analytics

  • Brent ICE 1st nearby ($/b) 68.62 8.70 %
  • TTF ICE Month-Ahead (€/MWh) 35.65 2.89%
  • TTF ICE Cal 2022 (€/MWh) 25.19 0.95%
  • NBP ICE Month-Ahead (p/th) 88.38 4.31%
  • Henry Hub NYMEX ($/MMBTU) 3.78 0.8%
  • NE Asia LNG JKM Platts ($/MMBTU) 14.26 4.96%
  • API 2 ICE Cal 2022 ($/t) 93.48 5.27%
  • DE EEX Base Cal 2022 (€/MWh) 71.38 0.03%
  • FR EEX Base Cal 2022 (€/MWh) 73.14 0.14%
  • EUA ICE Dec'21 (€/t) 52.41 1.35%

Latest Market Fundamentals :

  • Carbon Markets :


    • UKA-EUA spread has closed to flat / parity.
    • In terms of order flow traders are continuing to unwind proxy EUA hedges ie selling back the EUAs they have bought and buying UKAs.
    • Carbon trading in the €50 to €56 range over last few days.
    •        Support from the tight gas market and a report on a draft of the carbon market’s reforms holding pricing firm


    Gas and Power :


    • Spot gas contracts softened slightly yesterday with the return of some Norwegian production and French LNG regas capacity.
    • European Gas and Power market fundamentals remain strong.
    • In the US Henry Hub prices were up strongly on the back of the current heatwave in the Pacific Northwest leading to a peak in power demand for cooling purposes.
    • The move up in Henry Hub pricing is broadly supportive for LNG cargo pricing into Europe.


“I would expect to see continued price volatility in the short term across European energy markets.

We remain cautiously bullish on the medium term given draw down in European gas storage, strong carbon pricing and support across the broader commodity complex.

New Stream continue to advocate fixing PPA and GPA pricing into current market strength but on short term basis (12 month) to enable us to re-fix if market continues to move higher”.


Jamie Banks,

PPA Manager at New Stream


New Stream Market Price Assessments


Price  reference is based on a new stream assessment of the evolution and settlement of historic traded contracts and a forward curve of baseload power.


Historic Day-Ahead Power Auction Prices from the UK’s Block 5 Auction (15:00-19:00 GMT/BST).


Price reference is based on a New Stream assessment of the evolution and settlement of historic traded contracts and a forward curve of the NBP.

Historic UK NBP Gas day ahead close prices.

New Stream Market Data


Daily peak generation by fuel type of the UK’s three largest contributing sources: CCGT, Nuclear and Wind.


Historical Futures Prices: ECX EUA Futures, Continuous Contract #1. Non-adjusted price based on spot-month continuous contract calculations. Raw data from ICE.