08 January 2021

Another volatile week in UK power and gas markets.

Please see a short summary of pricing below:

Yesterday we saw the “Single Imbalance Price” (SIP) averaged £171.5/MWh and ranged between £47.0/MWh and £1,400/MWh.

The highest accepted offer was £1,600.0/MWh from EDF’s West Burton B unit 3.

This morning, day-ahead gas traded 4.00p/th higher at 61.75p/th.

There were unplanned Norwegian gas outages at Troll and Kristin fields. LNG supply is around 60mcm with 3 cargoes now scheduled to arrive in the UK over the next 10 days.

“We have seen a general move up across NBP gas contracts this morning and this is despite a return to warmer temperatures forecast on Monday. We are also flagging strength in the power market curve contracts as a fixing opportunity for our PPA clients. It’s a good time to be a generator.”


@Jamie Banks
PPA Manager 


  • February front month gas was up over 4p/th to 60.82p/th.
  • Day-ahead power fell £41.75/MWh to £68.25/MWh on the back of increased wind output and lower demand.
  • February power was up £3.60/MWh to £70.61/MWh.
  • Summer power was up £1.09/MWh to £53.16/MWh.
  • Carbon EUAs were also up at €34.83/t.