19 April 2024

PPA and GPA Pricing Update 14th April 2024

Further to our client market update on Friday :

Gas and broader commodity markets hold most of the gains on geopolitical risks.

  • UK PPA and Green Gas Markets are trading in line with those underlying drivers.

We will keep an eye on this and update you as needed.


  • NBP Gas continues to move up this morning. 
  • May NBP last trades at 82p per therm. 
  • This continues to support PPA and Green Gas pricing.

Friday 19_4

Good morning

  • Oil testing the $90 handle on the Brent contract.
  • Green Gas and PPA markets are looking at the impact on the broader commodity complex following last night’s air strikes by Israel on Iran.
  • NBP gas trades at 84p per therm, which is a 3% increase from yesterday’s close.

This price move is good news for renewable generators and PPA pricing. 

We are now firmly focusing on 2025 and 2026 PPA pricing, which should start to attract a risk premium to the 2024 levels we have recently seen.

Please let Fran or me know if you want to see any forward pricing on PPAs or GPAs.


PPA Manager

Jamie Banks
PPA Manager at New Stream