25 June 2024

PPA and GPA Pricing Update June 24th 2024

The PPA and Green Gas Markets, find price support.

The PPA and Green Gas Markets, after experiencing a period of weak trading sessions, have now found price support. This trend is a result of the recent market dynamics.

The underlying pricing in the market remains range-bound. This is why we are highlighting any relative strength as a potential fixing opportunity. This is particularly beneficial for generators who are seeking budget certainty and downside price protection.

Gas and Power contracts have followed broader commodity markets higher on the back of geopolitical risks. Brent crude oil is trading up at $86/bl. 

Houthi militants were again targeting shipping off the coast of Yemen. The commodity carrier Transworld Navigator was hit in a drone attack on Sunday.

Looking at our own supply/demand market fundamentals, renewable performance is lower, Norewgian supply is stable, and cooling load demand has increased slightly.

NBP front-month gas last trades at 81p per therm.

Baseload Power in the UK is at £72.90 MWh for July settlement.

If you have any questions or would like site-specific pricing for either a PPA or Green Gas fix, please let Fran or me know.


PPA Manager

Jamie Banks
PPA Manager at New Stream